Creating Interiors that Belong to You

Today’s modern Interior design is not just about aesthetics and function, but by driven with purpose and a creative sense of wellbeing.

Yen Yoga Studio by Design Elemental Studio

The interior landscape is evolving. Hospitality interiors are now like luxury homes and corporate offices are being programmed to feel more like boutique hotels.  Whereas, residential interiors are becoming like day spas by using natural materials and textures.

However, our work and living interiors also guard us from the vulnerabilities of technology, the toxicity of information overload, and anxiety. This is why we need to pay focus on how your space makes you feels as well comfortable and appealing.

The way to do this is to strategize a well planned and purposeful space that can better mentally prepare and to encourage a positive outcome.

Sport and Design

Originally experienced in sports science and coaching athletes before becoming a creative director and brand consultant, I regularly use sport as an analogy to interior design.

For example, the modern athlete have mastered their diet, training and conditioning regimes, and mental preparedness prior to being coached by a professional.  Now, the main distinction that separates athletes is what I call the “1%”.  It is the 1% is that differentiates athletes from winning and succeeding. For athletes, the method of the “1%” is to find clarity and how to go beyond the threshold of lactic acid buildup and visually see yourself winning regardless of the result.

Design Elemental Studio

The same method applies to our interior space. The “1%” in interior design is to be surrounded by an environment that can define clarity, protect from external sources, and create a strong connection between you and your space.

The Walkabout

As an Australian and first-generation Italian, I took the challenge of living in the USA to build relationships, failing and succeeding, and becoming aware that finding clarity is the first step before creating a purpose. 

Our life’s journey is dictated by a 3-pound mass called the brain.  From day one, your brain holds information, creating memories that store cognitive responses which directs your decision-making process.  I believe that building memoires are a result of experiences. The benefit of a walkabout is that you explore these memories because you are away from your comfort zone so you start that analyze previous emotions and memories.

Treetops Show Home – Master Bathroom

The Mobile Phone & Information Overload

The mobile phone is damaging the curious side of humans and preventing us to strengthen emotional awareness. Information overload is the new cancer and its effecting our buffer system to cope with stress and anxiety.  Metaphorically, we spend less time looking up and more time looking down. Society is less connected to the environment and the synergy between nature and humans is diminishing.

Treetops Show Home – Master Bedroom

Coach Mentor

For me, coaching athletes in the 90’s was primarily to instruct on topics related to nutrition, strength and conditioning, mental preparedness, recovery, biomechanics, and strategy.  Athletes are now better educated and more professional due to access to information online. The same situation has occurred in the interior design and decorating industry. Trends are constantly posted on social media and purchasing furniture and materials are attainable globally from websites like 1st

The role of a coach mentor is to provide a platform that initiates reactions. A mentor explores personal memories and how emotions can form a road map, implementing finish and material schedules that leans towards a more balanced and harmonious interior space. 

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The Déjà vu Effect

Déjà vu is a term used to describe as an expression for “already seen”.  The Déjà vu Effect is purposely designed to extract positive memories of scents, colors, and textures.  My experiences using this method allows clients to connect materials, items, and aromas to interior spaces and rooms. This approach provides a sense of belonging because you are connecting to finishes and materials that resonate positive memories of the past.

Coming Soon – ADAMO Scent and Wellness

Creating Clarity

Consider the brain a library that holds information on everything you have experienced emotionally and physically.  There is also junk information your brain stores which tends to clog your selection process. 

Using a visualization technique that will allow you to move into a space by imaging a moment that “feels right” will help remove colors, materials, and textures that don’t have positive reactions.  We must counteract technology with a more holistic approach by a balance of natural materials and finishes and using luxury items that are calming. 

Design Elemental Studio’s Designer Label Series includes Vibia lighting from Spain

Purposeful Interiors

Our living and working Interior are constantly evolving.  My goal as a Coach Mentor for interior design is to design spaces that feel real, to reconnecting to our senses, and to create a more purposeful environment.  The answers are in your memories. 

Angelo Adamo

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