About Us

Professional. Passionate. Innovative.

Socks Construction introduces Design Elemental, a new design-build-live-studio created in Northern Michigan, offers state-of-the-art component construction, architecture, interior design, project management, and marketing.

In partnership, Socks Construction and Component Construction Systems are continuing their custom luxury buildings but embracing a new sustainable, quality controlled method of construction.

The Story

Socks Construction is a highly respected builder and developer known for their outstanding homes and condos. In early 2019, Socks Construction altered its traditional construction towards a modernized and efficient system called Component Construction Systems.  Sock’s also introduced a design studio with partner, Angelo Adamo, that provides designer label materials, finishes, and products to their series of home and multiplex buildings.

Our Standards

Our high standard of building is now constructed in a quality controlled environment compared to on-site built. The structure of each building must be hurricane and earthquake resistant, so 2”x6” wood framing is used. All of our trades use the same method of construction, except there are no waste and inefficiencies. Therefore, we have more control of the design and management of each project.

The Team

Experienced. Professional. Passionate.

John Socks | Director of Finance

Charlie Socks | Director of Construction Management

David Socks | Director of Marketing & Sales

Michael Sherman | Director of Component Construction Systems

Angelo Adamo | Creative Director

Shannon Plamondon | Office Manager

Patrick Kenny | Project Manager

John J Socks | Project Manager

Cooper Nordeen | Project Manager

Jeff Bradshaw | Master Craftsman

Pete Chaddock | Senior Maintenance Coordinator