On a cold evening, I had a lengthy conversation with my wife about how to stay focused during hard times.  We agreed that it’s easy to get overwhelmed by so many external forces that we have no control over… like this current pandemic that’s literally halted the world. 

Being confined helps us to better understand the purpose of our homes. We now see that our interiors are not only for living but an essential space to find calm.

Calm is not like a passion where clarity, drive, and determination are the fundamentals for succeeding.  Calm is finding a space to trust that reflects your personal memories of strength and wellbeing.

Calm is by far holds greater importance during times of despair.  Calm is remembering the peaceful moments that attribute to your happiness and positive outlook. 

My calm moments are the times I spent growing up in Australia. My connection to nature and to family celebrations are the building blocks to my memories associated to specific colors like this aqua sea blue color.

My regular morning walks at Grange Beach – my home in South Australia. My relationship with weathered wood and white trim comes from memories of this jetty.

My theory of Human Sense Connectivity explores the relationship between memories and external influences (see previous blog on Human Sense Connectivity).  Therefore, the initial stage of design should focus on personal experiences and lifestyle.

The first steps to finding meaning within your interiors are to start isolating your thoughts and start filtering the memories that have had a positive impact.  These flashbacks become the roadmap to your style and design direction.

If you are fortunate to design your home from the initial programming phase, it is important to accumulate enough details that will help you move forward into the next phase. The preliminary design phase begins the filtering process of materials and to start emphasizing the balance of color and contrast of texture.

Having room to breathe does not mean you need more square footage. You need to prioritize the efficiencies of each room and how your organize objects and furniture. I typically visualize each space before I decide on a design direction. Having floor plans and elevations are a great source to help visualize.

Kitchen rending of Design Elemental Studio’s Show Home in Northern Michigan. Larger windows and bi-fold sliding glass doors are a key feature to the indoor and outdoor living spaces.

Having a courtyard is the new backyard. I grew up in Australia but my family was from Italy. I remember the courtyards in Italy that allowed for neighbors to gather and for children to play. My concept of this courtyard will be accessed by the kitchen and dining room for entertainment.

I will be using large slab porcelain tile for the flooring in the entertainment spaces and hardwood flooring in the living spaces. The tile will then flow into the outside courtyards to obtain consistency between spaces. The holistic combination of stone and wood represents nature and a connection to the environment. The horizontal surfaces are reflective and neutral. A wood ceiling provides a balance to the neutral tones.

First impression is everything, so having a strong looking corridor and a front entrance will then be the catalyst of the remaining spaces.

Bathrooms are very personal. Tile plays such an important factor to the design which is why Design Elemental Studio has an exclusive range of porcelain tile available for our homes.

Changing the way we think about our interiors

Designing your space is a process and requires a mentor who can retrieve information from your memories to build a more meaningful and impactful solution to your home. It’s not just about the aesthetic appeal but how you find calm amongst a hectic and consuming world. This is a new approach to design and an assertive process to build a sustainable and efficient luxury lifestyle.

My daughter and I spending time with our Aussie family in Florence, Italy 2019

It Starts Within – Building your home one memory at a time.

By the Principal Director for Design Elemental Studio – Angelo Adamo

November 11th, 2021 Traverse City, Michigan

The year of 2021 was a remarkable year and perhaps the turning point with my profession. For me, it has always been meeting the right people at the right time. Meeting my wife Katharine, for example, has not only given me two beautiful children but the courage to never give up. It is imperative to have strong relationships.

Creating Design Elemental Studio has been a life long passion for me since I left Adelaide, Australia, in 1996. My biggest strength has been my ability to build partnerships with designer labels globally that are aligned with Design Elemental Studio’s natural aesthetics and European minimalist styles.

Today’s consumer is well educated in interior design. However, we are forgetting the most important value of our interiors which is how interiors can effect your mood.

Design Elemental Studio’s brand pitch is Awaken Your Senses. Connecting your senses to memories of color, texture, and scent is our studio’s priority when designing a home.

Combining our sensory memory programming with our selections of quality material and product selections improves our emotional wellbeing, and should be the leading factors when considering color and material palettes.

Visual Inspiration for the new Design Elemental Studio opening in 2022, Michigan

With my experiences as a designer and a coach’s mentor, the market no longer wants just a home with more efficiencies, sustainable benefits, and economical values.

The next generation of homeowners are looking for a place to belong to. Today, we face a symptom called “information overload” because we carry devices in our hands with easy access to almost everything. This is preventing us from what we humans should be doing, which is connecting to our senses for a harmonious bond to the environment.

In Australia, as a young lad I had a clear vision. Explore the world and discover a more meaningful and purposeful life.  I have spent the last 23 years learning to connect memories by giving a purpose to an object or thing.  This philosophy, called Human Sense Connectivity, is to create a space that can have a profound affect towards decision making, restoring energy, and wellness. 

It’s only taken 25 years to figure this out but my formula in life is quite simple. Clarity + Direction = Passion. What’s more significant is that without passion, you do not have a formula. Also, I have realized that nothing lasts forever, but something inside of me feels that memories do.

In summer of 2022, Design Elemental Stdio will open its first flagship studio, introducing our designer label partners -that include Duchateau Flooring & Design, Vibia, Palecek, Emdee International, MLW Stone, ADAMO Scent & Body, Brizo Plumbing, and Rizzoli NYC.

Our services includes design and interior architecture documentation, finish schedules, style books, project management, site installation, furnishing and accessories, audio & visual, and window treatments.

For more information, please visit for further details.

Angelo Adamo