Principal Director – Angelo Adamo

A first generation Italian from Australia, Angelo relocated to the U.S. in 1996. He earned a degree in interior architecture from Harrington College of Design in Chicago, and a Sports Science degree from the University of South Australia. Angelo has become a leader in design and brand development, creating distinctive interiors through sensory perception.

Angelo orchestrates productive relationships and process to produce exceptional results. His ability to communicate and connect visions using ideal form, balance, lighting, texture, and color is integrated into our designs for a more purposeful lifestyle.

Senior Designer – Koralia Giori

Koralia has been driven by design from a very young age while growing up in Hungary. She has a bachelor degree of architecture from the Hungarian University of Agriculture & Science, and a degree in furniture and manufacturing from the University of Gothenburg in Budapest.

Koralia has extensive experiences in residential and commercial buildings, and expertise in product and furniture design. She enjoys finding the most fitting solution to different possibilities. Her background and skillset from Europe creates a unique perspective in modern, neoclassical, and Scandinavian interiors.

Koralia coordinates all design documents, renderings, schedules, and leads our social and digital platforms.

Bob & Tia Rieck Team

Bob, Tia, & Raquel

Bob, Tia, and Raquel Rieck are an exceptional team of realtors and project managers from Coldwell Banker.

Design Elemental Studio’s fully integrated services start with Bob, Tia, and Raquel’s commitment to deliver successful outcomes when searching for a new home.  Their professional and engaging approach leads to a more efficient process during our design and build phase. 

Our partnership enables the ideal scenario for building or renovating premium luxury homes.   

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