Angelo On Design

Design to Create Memories

Human Sense Connectivity


A smell can bring on a flood of memories, influence people’s moods and even affect their work performance. Designing an interior using memories of scent is a process that guides custom material and finish selections. This phase also develops emotional reactions towards colors and textures.


Colors can influence your environment and can trigger a sense of enlightenment and wellbeing.  Memories of colors can add value to a meaningful interior that captures transparency and purpose. Designing an interior using memories of color is a process that refines the style and the composition of the space.


Remembering how an object feels is the final process of designing with memories.  While texture acts as a supporting role to the function of a space, it is no less vital to a design’s success. Designing an interior using memories of texture creates a bond between you and an object. This phase helps identify the appropriate surfaces regarding wood, stone, metal, glass, tile, and concrete.

The Coaches Mentor

With all the information accessible on the internet it is quite easy to get confused during the decision-making process. A mentor coach draws upon years of design experience to guide you towards success. We have built an intuition for bespoke interiors using our knowledge and resources that can expedite the preliminary phase to the final design. A mentor coach also strategizes a proper plan, emphasizing on programming and project management. We enable individuals to achieve their full potential and establish the right connections between function, form, balance, and harmony.

“Design is more than just an object or a thing,  its about connecting to your senses to REFLECT your living spaces”.
angelo adamo 

Angelo Adamo is setting his sights into the future for modern interiors using a scientific method called Human Sense Connectivity (HSC). The study of HSC is to create an interior that is based on the individual’s memories of color, texture, and scent.

Before entering the design industry Angelo graduated as a sports scientist. His specialty was coaching Australian athletes using visualization techniques and memory consulting.

“Winning should not be the main objective in sport. Its finding clarity that allows for someone to win regardless of the result.”

This method of clarity builds a road map to move forward with a self-awareness and drive that doesn’t rely on external factors.

“Your living environment should have a purpose.  It should have a connection between your senses and the positive memories that reflect your personality”.

It is a lifestyle that integrates wellness and motivation as part of your design.

angelo as the Amercian Crew Cover Model in 1998