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Creating an Educational Environment

Featured on Back to School on ‘The Four’ – Angelo Adamo
August 20, 2020

The school year is underway and for many it is looking a lot different than past years. Many students are learning virtually and this means they need a learning space in the home. So, what should parents be thinking of when creating a learning environment for their children? Creative Director, Angelo Adamo chatted with 9 & 10 News about three key things to consider for your at-home learners. You can watch the interview here. (WATCH NOW)

Internet Strength

Virtual learning is over the internet, so your internet speed should be your #1 priority. There is nothing more frustrating than slow load times and frozen Zoom rooms. You can maximize your internet speed by adding a sub router to your home. Choose the room you will use most and add a sub router to boost the signal.


Good lighting is key to optimal learning. Normal home lighting measures at 2300-3000 kelvins. For a learning environment you want around 5000 kelvin lightbulbs. Studies have shown that proper lighting helps the brain stay engaged, so it is an important consideration. Switch your bulbs to bright white LED’s to create the perfect space for your child.

Learning Space

Probably the biggest struggle for parents is finding dedicated space for your student. If they have space in their room or in extra family space for a desk that is great! For many families there is just not enough room for a dedicated desk. In this case, a foldable table is a great option. You can pull it out each day and when school is over you can tuck it out of the way. Kitchen countertops are also a great option for kids to spread out.

The other key to a successful learning area is organization. Staying organized will minimize frustration for kids and parents. A rolling cart with drawers is perfect to keep subjects and materials separated and organized. It is also handy for moving from room to room as needed.

No matter what you create in your home the most important thing will be supporting our students. This year will be what we make of it! So, keep your spirits up and we will get through this year with happy kids and parents!