Angelo On Design

Creating A Functional Small Living Space

By the Creative Director of Design Elemental – Angelo Adamo
September 2020

One of the toughest parts of small space living is creating functional spaces that are still welcoming and beautiful. Often, small spaces can feel cramped and cluttered because there seems to be no space for anything. Today we want to share some simple tips to creating a small space that is functional, stylish and tailored to your lifestyle.

Start with Color

Painting walls is not the only way you can color your space.  When I begin a project, I typically start with the flooring selections, so for an existing space, I would source rugs to add dimension and color.  I would then select upholstered fabrics, window treatments and art work even before finalizing the wall paints.  This process allows for attention to detail and not allowing certain colors dictate your design direction.

Select the Right Furniture & Layout

I would recommend modular furniture for smaller scaled rooms simply because they tend to have moveable sections. Storage cabinets with countertops services as a usable and functional item.  For example,  a coffee table with storage and casters  can be used for storing your office supplies but also as a countertop for organizing materials, etc.

Be Intentional With Accessories

If you suffer from a lack of natural exposed sunlight,  I would recommend adding mirrors that have the ability to reflect light.  Also, LED  floor and table lamps with adjustable dimmers can help regulate the mood within your space.

Storage & Organization

Purchasing storage bins and baskets can change how your small living space looks. I would recommend not lowering your budget, but actually spending more on baskets, like wicker or rattan baskets, that appear more sophisticated than plastic and bold color baskets.  Purchasing baskets that can be stacked or fit into shelvings will add texture and natural colors to your room.

Add pin-up boards so you can visually see your projects instead of hiding in bins.

With taking care with these simple suggestions you can make your small room feel spacious and beautiful. If you are in Michigan and would like to chat about your design needs please contact us to chat more about your project!