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The Trend Toward Small Space Living


By the Creative Director of Design Elemental – Angelo Adamo
October 2020

Tiny Houses are all the rage on the home improvement networks and Pinterest. While tiny homes are amazing and beautiful, there is another trend toward smaller space living that is just as cool but less compact. Smaller condos and homes are being developed all over the world, including right here in Traverse City Michigan. Today we want to share our perspective on the reasons why smaller homes are on the rise and how Design Elemental is creating luxurious living options in Northern Michigan.

There are a variety of factors that are leading to the desire for smaller living spaces. Population growth in metropolitan areas is increasing the need for more homes, but there is not enough space to build. Cities have found a solution in creating micro apartments, so the buildings can handle more occupants.

Increased housing prices has made it prohibitive to purchase expansive condos or sprawling single family homes. While millennials and Gen Z’ers might not be able to afford large homes, they still want to be home owners in a space they love. Smaller home options allow this dream to become a reality without sacrificing location.

Finally, many people simply want to downsize and live a simpler life. They may be empty nesters, or families who want to free up some money to do other things like travel. Downsizing can reduce your home carrying costs and allows the owner to be more agile in their financial life.

Our brand at Design Elemental is to not only provide decisions on material and color selections but design interiors that influence lifestyle choices.  Our philosophy called Human Sense Connectivity  is the ability to reconnect to our senses using color, texture and scent.  These principles add meaning to a space, rather than just filling up space with objects and things that have little effect on your emotions.

Two biggest issues with small scale spaces are the wrong size furniture and too many pieces of furniture.  Design Elemental Studio has a Master Craftsman team that builds custom millwork and cabinetry.  Built in cabinetry creates linear lines within a small space allowing you for a cleaner and more proportional vignettes. Therefore,  the more customization of millwork the less furniture you need to float within a room.

Design Elemental studio is about connecting to the environment.  Our style is a balance between natural aesthetics materials (stone, wood, concrete, plaster, glass) with luxury products (bespoke furniture, lighting, and plumbing fixtures).  This process allows for a smaller scaled living space to be modern, classic, and meaningful.

Whether you are a first-time home buyer or someone ready to downsize, small space living might be a perfect option. This trend is on the rise all over the United States, so make sure to research what is available in your area. If you are located in Northern Michigan I invite you to check out our current and upcoming projects on our projects page.