Australian Born, Italian Made, United States Discovered

Creating a new perspective with Luxury Interior Design

In 1996, our principal directors’ journey from Australia to the United States resonated with his parents’ immigrating from Italy to Australia in the 1950’s. Curious and determined, Angelo Adamo discovered his passion for interior design after spending his initial 6 years in Chicago. Previously as a sport scientist, Angelo’s holistic approach in connecting to athletes by visualization and mental techniques, led to the exploration of guiding people with their living and working interiors. Our studio’s method is to extract and program client’s positive memories of color, texture, and scent as part of their interior package.

All products in our Designer Label Series are directly manufactured from our partners in Italy

After graduating in Interior Architecture in Chicago, Angelo began his career in New York City with two prominent top AD100 designers in residential interiors. After many years as a senior designer, Angelo decided that it was time to construct a brand reflecting his unique perspectives in design and build.

In 2019, Design Elemental Studio was created in a pristine town in Northern Michigan, where the Great Lakes surrounds scenic peninsulas with green and vibrant vineyards and coastal beaches.

The combination of Angelo’s Italian heritage, his aesthetic influences while growing up in Australia, and experiences in the US has become the brand identity of Design Elemental Studio.

Our Designer Label Series includes custom Italian Furniture and Fabrics

Australian Born

Angelo’s influences while growing up in Adelaide, Australia, became the base of our natural aesthetic approach for our Designer Label Series. Australian designs have a Nordic appeal but because Australia is a multicultural society, a mix of European traditions also infuses within their interiors.

Adelaide has the most vast and spectacular beaches and terrain in the country. The impact of nature should not be underestimated because of its power to heal the mind and body.

For example, Angelo’s family typically celebrated holidays gathering at picnics at reservation parks. He remembers the sounds of the local birds (especially the Kookaburras), the scent of gum trees, the dark emerald tones of the bush and red sand, and the fresh organic foods from his family’s garden.

Memories of colors, textures, and scent are embedded in our conscious and can effect on our decision making, emotional responses, and well-being. It’s time that we reconnect to our senses.

Italian Lighting is an important detail with our studio’s interior designs

Italian Made

In 1978, Angelo and his family moved to Italy for a short period to become closer to his grandparents and cousins. This was the time in Angelo’s life that he built his passions in fashion and design.

Trips to Teatro Alla Scala Opera House, the ruins of Pompeii, the gardens of Caserta, the blue grottos of Capri, and watching live the inauguration of Pope John Paul II at the Vatican City, were just some of the moments captured.

Our Designer Label Series is curated through Italy’s innovation in fashion and design. Angelo’s relationship with Italian manufactures opens a direct access for our Designer Label Series with the finest craftmanship in luxury products of flooring, furniture, lighting, bedding, and houseware.

Our custom window treatments are manufactured by a bespoke firm in Atlanta, Georgia, US. Home displaying our Italian furniture and lighting.


Angelo’s 26-year experiences in the United States has accumulated into Design Elemental Studio’s lifestyle brand, which implements a sense of purpose and comfort. By using Italian made products, we surround our natural aesthetic interiors with high-quality and sharp tailoring products, combining luxury with wellness.

Design Elemental Studio is planning its first store location in Northern Michigan with the prospects of developing partnerships with investors in luxury hotel and high end condominium projects.

For inquires in our design and build services, contact ( to schedule an initial consultation.

Italian marble tile, sinks, and tubs available at Design Elemental Studio

Building a home in Northern Michigan

Northern Michigan in the one of the most pristine and sought-after destinations in the US.  With extensive state and national forests, lakes and rivers, and a large portion of Great Lakes shoreline, this is the perfect environment to reconnect your senses to nature’s elements.

It is difficult to find the perfect land, architect, designer, site surveyor, engineer, contractors, furniture, lighting and plumbing, and cabinets, without someone leading your search. At Design Elemental Studio, we provide all these services under our project management team.

Also, our Designer Label Series of European brands in furniture, tile, flooring, cabinets, lighting, fabrics, wallpaper, plumbing, and accessories is curated to align our high end approach to quality materials and craftmanship. Our principal designer, Angelo Adamo, who is an Australian-Italian has over twenty years experience as an international designer and has built business relationships with brands based in Italy, Spain, New York City, Chicago, Los Angeles, Paris, and Sydney.

Design Elemental Studio provides factory direct with our flooring, cabinets, and furniture selections. We are able to customize our designs and material finishes according to the overall interior direction.

Our Treetops show home in Frankfort and flagship store location in Traverse City will be launched early Spring 2023. For more details, please contact our office (231)631-0055 to initiate a free consultation.

Coming Soon in 2023


ADAMO captures scent as memory: where cherished past become vivid present.  Classic fragrances designed to harmonize your home and awake your senses.  Aligning scent to your interiors can drive positive memories and form a bond between you and your interior environment.


Our lines of quality Belgium Linen fabrics that are in soothing warm tones and rich jewel hues can add balance and detail to a natural aesthetic palette.  Our selections of sheers and linens can be customized for all types of windows, pillows, and bedding. 


Our Italian tile brands of marble, stone, and porcelain provide the visual elements of naturals woods, stones, and plants. Remembering the feeling of nature using tactile materials can assert the memories of time with nature.