Modern. Classic. Traditional.

Your Home. Your Vision. Your Life

Socks Construction Studio, Design Elemental, offers three distinct home packages that brings our expertise and innovation to your vision and budget. The hand in hand partnership we bring to you results in stunning homes for your lifestyle.


Our traditional homes are simply timeless. From the exterior design to the interior finishes, these homes are classically beautiful and provide all the customary comforts of a cherished home.


The modern home package was created for those who dream of luxurious indoor-outdoor living, contemporary design and a lifestyle that embraces natural elements and modern luxury.


Our classic homes are can be defined as affordable luxury. Using all of our expertise and passion we create a well-appointed and intentional home at a more modest price point.

We believe that no matter the budget, there is craftsmanship and luxury that can and should be embraced and enjoyed by all of our clients.