Human Sense Connectivity

A new approach to Interior Design

Angelo Adamo, principal director for Design Elemental Studio in Michigan, is setting his sights into the future of modern day interiors using a scientific method called Human Sense Connectivity (HSC). The study of HSC is to create an interior that is based on the individual’s memories of color, texture, and scent.

Rendering of Design Elemental Studio’s Show Home

It all began growing up in Australia and spending time with his Italian grandparents in Naples, Italy, explains Angelo. “It was the most influential time of my life when I was able to experience the culture and history of the Italians and how their style of living is based on the values of scent, color, and texture.”

Before entering the design industry, Angelo graduated as a sports scientist. His specialty was coaching Australian athletes using visualization techniques and memory consulting. Angelo says, “winning should not be the main objective in sport. It’s finding clarity that allows for someone to win regardless of the result. This method of clarity builds a road map for passions to move forward with a self-awareness and drive that doesn’t rely on external factors.” This is now Angelo’s method as the principal director.

Living the in USA since 1996 has allowed Angelo to blend his science background into the field of interior design. After graduating from the Harrington College of Design in Chicago, he started his career in NYC with renown firms like Sandra Nunnerley Inc. and Darren Henault Interiors. Moving to North Carolina was another learning process that broaden Angelo’s perspective in commercial, workplace, and institutional designs.

Design Elemental Studio introducing our Designer Label Series at the 2022 Flagship Home

Angelo has the platform to refine his practice and identify his unique approach. “Social media gives us information overload and doesn’t allow us to judge on emotional reactions. Our current values are coming from what the eye evaluates rather from the base of our memories. Typically, we make decisions on what is familiar and how things affect us. Therefore, focusing specifically on the memory of scent, color, and texture, provides clarity and purpose to material and objects”, says Angelo.

Rendering of Design Elemental Studio’s Show Home entertainment room

Human Sense Connectivity is a method during the programming phase of design that combines our material and finish selections to memories that can trigger positive reactions and outcomes. Blending natural aesthetics materials and modern luxury furnishings, with HSC is the formula for today’s design and build.

Adamo Scent for Home and Body available soon exclusively at Design Elemental Studio. (Adamo “transitional” scented candle)

Angelo is also developing a scent line called ADAMO that will be available at the Design Elemental Studio coming Summer 2022. Angelo adds that he has always admired aromatherapy and the influences of scent. ” I am developing home and skin care products that relate to our interior aesthetics, reflecting nature, lush materials, and our perception of modern day living.”

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